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 Deadline Grant TitleCategories
Jan 18, 2013 Improved Estimation of Reservoir Evaporation Natural Resources
Jan 17, 2013 WaterSMART: Water and Energy Efficiency Grants for 2013 Natural Resources
Jan 09, 2013 Bay-Delta Restoration Program: CALFED Water Use Efficiency Grants Natural Resources
Jan 03, 2013 Desalination and Water Purification Research and Development (DWPR) Pre-proposal Solicitation Natural Resources
Dec 28, 2012 Adaptation of Western US Agriculture to Climate Change Induced Water Scarcity Natural Resources
Dec 12, 2012 WaterSMART: Title XVI Water Reclamation and Reuse Program Funding for Fiscal Year 2013 Natural Resources
Dec 10, 2012 Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Program Natural Resources
Dec 07, 2012 FY13 Water Conservation Field Services Funding Opportunity Announcement Natural Resources
Nov 16, 2012 Basinwide Environment
Nov 08, 2012 San Juan River Channel and Floodplain Restoration, Phase 2 Environment
Oct 31, 2012 Design Technical Assistance and Trinity Management Council (TMC) Support Environment
Oct 19, 2012 Kaibab Paiute Consortium Tribal Participation in the Grand Canyon Adaptive Management Program Environment
Oct 19, 2012 Grand Canyon Adaptive Management Program Tribal Participation (Hopi Tribe) Environment
Oct 19, 2012 Pueblo of Zuni Participation in the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program Environment
Oct 19, 2012 Hualapai Nation Participation in the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program Environment
Oct 05, 2012 Central Valley Project Conservation Program and Central Valley Project Improvement Act Habitat Restoration Program Other
Sep 25, 2012 Ball Ranch Fishing Pilot Project Environment
Sep 25, 2012 Spawning and Rearing Habitat Restoration in CVP Rivers Environment
Sep 25, 2012 Mendota Dam Sluice Gates Replacement Project Environment
Sep 24, 2012 Recreation Facility Upgrades and Quagga Mussel Control Program at Lake Casitas Environment
Sep 22, 2012 Financial Management Support to the North Platte Decree Committee Natural Resources
Sep 22, 2012 Cultural Resource Surveys - Nebraska and Kansas Other
Sep 22, 2012 Notice of Intent to Award - Archeological Testing at Select Sites at Hugh Butler Lake Other
Sep 20, 2012 Yakima River Basin Water Enhancement Program (YRBWEP) Feasiblity Study Environment
Sep 20, 2012 Enhancing Water Supply Reliability Through Improved Predictive Capacity And Response Natural Resources
Sep 20, 2012 Inter-Decadal Streamflow Projection Research and Apply to Operational Decision-making Natural Resources
Sep 20, 2012 Use and Importance of Tributaries to Sustain Native Fish Communities in the San Juan River Environment
Sep 19, 2012 Tribal Collaboration on Arizona Water Resource Management Project Natural Resources
Sep 19, 2012 Recovery Program Gage Operation Environment
Sep 19, 2012 Fish Deterring Device Study Environment
Sep 17, 2012 Tributary Habitat use of Endangered and Imperlied Fishes in the Price River, Utah Environment
Sep 13, 2012 Truckee River Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Program Natural Resources
Sep 13, 2012 Programmatic Approach To Meet Salinity Water Quality Objectives At Vernalis On The Lower San Joaquin River Other
Sep 13, 2012 Evaluation of Transverse Feature Design Options Environment
Sep 12, 2012 Youth Employment Initiative Employment Labor and Training
Sep 11, 2012 Fish Passage Improvement Project - Red Bluff Diversion Dam Other
Sep 11, 2012 Anasazi Basket Analysis for NAGPRA Purposes Environment
Sep 08, 2012 Yakima Project Storage Dams - Fish Passage Environment
Sep 04, 2012 Arroyo Canal Fish Screen and Sack Dam Fish Passage Project Environment
Aug 31, 2012 Design, Construction and Construction Oversight for Reaches 24.1, 25 and 26 of the Navajo Gallup Waer Supply System Environment

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