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Aug 31, 2005 Developing Methods and Strategies to Increase Use of Immunization Registries by Private Providers Health
Aug 29, 2005 Applied Research for Populations Around Hazardous Waste Sites Health
Aug 22, 2005 Full Access Home-Based Confidential Counseling and Testing Using Outreach Teams in One District in the Republic of Uganda Health
Aug 22, 2005 Expanding and Enhancing HIV Confidential and Voluntary Counseling and Testing Services in the Republic of Botswana Health
Aug 19, 2005 Strengthening Existing National Organizations Serving Racial and Ethnic Populations Capacity Development Programs: Strategies to Advance Program Implementation, Coordination, Management, and Evaluation Efforts Health
Aug 18, 2005 Single Gene Disorders Resource Network Health
Aug 18, 2005 Rapid Expansion of Access to HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Treatment Interventions among Rural and other Underserved Populations in the Republic of Cote d'Ivoire Health
Aug 17, 2005 Fragile X Syndrome Cascade Testing and Genetic Counseling Protocols Health
Aug 15, 2005 Cooperative Agreements for Tribes and Tribal Organizations for Tobacco Prevention and Control Health
Aug 15, 2005 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Regional Training Centers Health
Aug 12, 2005 Unrealized Opportunities for Clinical Prevention Practices Health
Aug 11, 2005 Hematologiv Cancer Healthcare Provider Education Program Health
Aug 08, 2005 Diffusion of Partnership for Health to Health Care and Medical Agencies Serving Persons Living with HIV/AIDS Health
Aug 05, 2005 Augmenting Laboratory Outcomes in HIV Assessment (ALOHA) Health
Aug 04, 2005 Enhancing Professional Education, Research Infrastructure, and Capacity Building in Minority Serving Institutions Health
Aug 02, 2005 Sentinel Network for Detecting Emerging Infections Among Allograft Donors and Recipients Health
Jul 25, 2005 Coordination of Activities Between the CDC's National Immunization Program and the State and Territorial Health Officials Health
Jul 25, 2005 STD Surveillance Network (SSuN) Health
Jul 25, 2005 Workplace HIV/AIDS Programs/Public Private Partnerships Health
Jul 22, 2005 Adaptation and Evaluation of a Brief, Nurse-Delivered Sexual Risk Reduction Intervention for HIV-Positive Women in the South-AMENDMENT Health
Jul 18, 2005 Adaptation and Evaluation of a Brief ,Nurse-Delivered Sexual Risk Reduction Intervention for HIV-Positive Women in the South Health
Jul 18, 2005 Epidemiologic HIV/AIDS Research Among African American and Hispanic Women at Risk for HIV Infection in the Southern United States and Puerto Rico Health
Jul 15, 2005 The BioSense Initiative to Improve Early Event Detection Health
Jul 14, 2005 Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease-Nationwide Education and Communication Other
Jul 13, 2005 Public Health Emergency Preparedness Disaster Prevention and Relief
Jul 08, 2005 Health Promotion and Diabetes Prevention Projects for American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) Communities: Adaptations of Practical Community Environmental Indicators Health
Jul 08, 2005 Colorectal Cancer Screening Demonstration Program Health
Jul 06, 2005 Cooperative Agreement for Global Capacity through Internation NGO Partnership Health
Jun 28, 2005 Breast and Prostate Cancer Data Quality and Patterns of Care Study Health
Jun 27, 2005 Development of Influenza Sureveillance Networks Health
Jun 27, 2005 Academic Partners for Excellence in Environmental Public Health Tracking Health
Jun 27, 2005 Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Childhood Immunization Health
Jun 27, 2005 Enhancing Utilization of Childhood Immunization Client Recall Practices by Private Providers Health
Jun 27, 2005 Influenza Vaccination of Healthcare Workers in Hospitals Health
Jun 27, 2005 Feasibility and Impact of Influenza Vaccination by Pediatricians of Household Contacts of Children Less Than Two Years Health
Jun 27, 2005 Applied Research for Populations Around Hazardous Waste Sites Health
Jun 24, 2005 Incidence, Natural History, and Quality of Life of Diabetes in Youth Health
Jun 24, 2005 Expanding the Utilization of Pro-Active Pharmacist Pneumococcal Vaccination Programs Health
Jun 24, 2005 Disparities in Elderly Pneumococcal Vaccination Health
Jun 20, 2005 National Health Education Enhancement Program Health

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