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Jun 14, 2004 Improving the Quality of Genetic Testing and Assuring Its Appropriate Integration into Clinical and Public Health Practice Health
Jun 14, 2004 Assessment of Best Practices for Standardized Quality Assurance Activities in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Health
Jun 14, 2004 Applied Research on Antimicrobial Resistance (AR): Estimates of Economic Cost for Antimicrobial Resistant Human Pathogens of Public Health Importance Health
Jun 14, 2004 Prevention Epicenter Program Health
Jun 10, 2004 Diabetes Phase II- Pacific Region Health
Jun 10, 2004 Annual Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness Estimates in Healthy and High-risk Populations Health
Jun 08, 2004 Steps to a HealthierUS: National Organization Partnerships Health
Jun 07, 2004 Program to Build Capacity to Conduct Environmental Medicine and Health Education Activities Health Environment Education
Jun 01, 2004 Delivering Environmental Heatlh Services Health Environment
Jun 01, 2004 Public Health Capacity Development for International Organizations Engaged in War-Related Injuries and Mine Action Health Environment
May 28, 2004 National Health Organization Strategies to Provide Information and Education to Patients, Their Families, Friends, and Caregivers With Respect to Hematologic Cancers Health
May 14, 2004 Integrating HIV and Other Prevention Services Into Reproductive Health and Community Settings Health
May 14, 2004 Enhancing Cancer Prevention and Control Programs for American Indian/Alaska Native Women Health
May 10, 2004 Regional Academic Environmenal Public Health Centers Health Environment Education
May 07, 2004 Surveillance of Hazardous Substances Emergency Events Health Environment
May 06, 2004 National Infrastructure Development Initiatives Related to Oral Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Health
Apr 22, 2004 Implementation of the National Violent Death Reporting System Health
Apr 13, 2004 Program to Facilitate Environmental Justice in Minority and Underserved Communities Health Environment
Apr 05, 2004 National Resource Center on Sexual Violence Prevention Health
Apr 01, 2004 Addressing Asthma From a Public Health Perspective Environment Health
Mar 26, 2004 Exposure to Tremolite Asbestos in Vermiculite Ore Health Environment
Mar 22, 2004 The Great Lakes Human Health Effects Research Program Health Environment
Mar 08, 2004 Development and Support of Research Agenda Needs Related to Injury Prevention and Control Health
Mar 08, 2004 National On-line Resource Center for Violence Against Woment Health
Mar 03, 2004 Public Health Conference Support Cooperative Agreement Program for Human Immunodeficiency Virus Prevention Health
Mar 01, 2004 Rapid Strengthening of Blood Transfusion Services in Selected Countries in Africa and the Caribbean for the Ministries of Health and National Transfusion Services Health
Mar 01, 2004 Providing Techincal Assistance for the Rapid Strengthening of Blood Transfusion Services in Selected Countries in Africa and the Caribbean Health
Mar 01, 2004 Program to Build Environmental /Public Health Capacity Within Tribal Colleges and Universities Environment Health
Mar 01, 2004 Providing Technical Assistance Support for the Rapid Strengthening of Blood Transfusion Services in Selected Countries in Africa and the Caribbean Under the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief; Amendment Health
Feb 23, 2004 Grant for Injury Control Research Center Health
Feb 19, 2004 Grants for Violence-Related Injury Prevention Research: Youth Violence, Suicidal Behavior, Child Maltreatment, Intimate Partner Violence, and Sexual Violence Health
Feb 19, 2004 Grant for New Investigator Training Awards for Unintentional Injury, Violence Related Injury, Biomechanics, and Acute Care, Disability, and Rehabilitation-Related Research Health
Feb 19, 2004 Grants for Traumatic Injury Biomechanics Research Health
Feb 19, 2004 Practices to Improve Training Skills of Home Visitors Health
Feb 18, 2004 Efficacy Trials of Parenting Programs for Fathers Health
Feb 18, 2004 Studies to Determine the Prevalence of a History of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in an Institutionalized Health
Feb 17, 2004 Youth Violence Prevention Through Community-Level Change Health
Feb 17, 2004 Sociocultural and Community Risk and Protective Factors for Child Maltreatment and Youth Violence Health
Feb 17, 2004 Community Trial to Test the Effectiveness of the Smoke Alarm Installation and Fire Safety Education (SAIFE) Program Health
Feb 17, 2004 Cooperative Agreement for Research on the Association Between Exposure to Media Violence and Youth Violence Health

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