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 Close Date Grant TitleAgency
Apr 29, 2011 Research and Development for Hydrogen Storage Golden Field Office
Apr 18, 2011 Graduate Automotive Technology Education (GATE) Centers of Excellence National Energy Technology Laboratory
Apr 15, 2011 New Era Rural Technology Competitive Grants Program (RTP) National Institute of Food and Agriculture
Apr 12, 2011 Social Innovation Fund FY 2011 Corporation for National and Community Service
Apr 05, 2011 Small Scale Field Tests of Geologic Reservoir Classes National Energy Technology Laboratory
Apr 05, 2011 Vermont Conservation Innovation Grant (Cig) Vermont State Office
Apr 04, 2011 Nuclear Energy University Programs General Scientific Infrastructure Support Idaho Field Office
Apr 04, 2011 Nuclear Energy University Programs - Reactor Upgrades Idaho Field Office
Apr 01, 2011 U.S. Wind Power: Next Gen Drivetrain Development Golden Field Office
Mar 31, 2011 Renewable Energy Development and Deployment in Indian Country Golden Field Office
Mar 31, 2011 PA 2011 Conservation Innovation Grants Pennsylvania State Office
Mar 30, 2011 NOI - Demonstration Project for Concentrating Solar Technologies Golden Field Office
Mar 18, 2011 Power Electronics Research and Development for Electric Utility Applications National Energy Technology Laboratory
Mar 16, 2011 Energy Efficiency Development and Deployment in Indian Country Golden Field Office
Mar 10, 2011 Superior Energy Performance Program Administrator Technical Assistance Golden Field Office
Mar 03, 2011 Fellowship/Scholarship Program Idaho Field Office
Mar 03, 2011 Research and Development of Fuel Cells for Stationary and Transportation Applications Golden Field Office
Mar 03, 2011 Special Research Grants Program - Pest Management Alternatives National Institute of Food and Agriculture
Mar 03, 2011 First Steps Toward Developing Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency on Tribal Lands Golden Field Office
Mar 02, 2011 Conservation Innovation Grants Georgia State Office
Mar 01, 2011 2011 Woody Biomass Utilization Grant Forest Service
Mar 01, 2011 Algae Biomass Supply Golden Field Office
Mar 01, 2011 Program Year 2011 Weatherization Formula Grants National Energy Technology Laboratory
Feb 28, 2011 FY 2011 Vehicle Technologies Program Wide Funding Opportunity Announcement National Energy Technology Laboratory
Feb 18, 2011 Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Storage System Cost Analyses Funding Opportunity Golden Field Office
Feb 07, 2011 Integrated Process Improvements for Biochemical Conversion of Biomass Sugars: From Pretreatment to Substitutes for Petroleum-based Feedstocks, Products and Fuels Golden Field Office
Feb 04, 2011 RFI - $1/W Photovoltaic Systems: Solar Energy Grid Integration Systems Advanced Concepts Golden Field Office
Jan 31, 2011 RFI - $1/W Photovoltaic (PV) Systems: Balance of Systems (BOS) Golden Field Office
Jan 28, 2011 Illinois Component Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) NRCS Illinois State Office
Dec 20, 2010 Renewable Energy Microfinance and Microenterprise Program (REMMP) Agency for International Development
Dec 18, 2010 Fuel Cell Technologies Early Market Opportunities Golden Field Office
Dec 10, 2010 Opportunity DE-FOA-0000336 Golden Field Office
Dec 09, 2010 Support of Advanced Coal Research at U.S. Colleges and Universities National Energy Technology Laboratory
Nov 12, 2010 Opportunity DE-FOA-0000400 NNSA
Oct 27, 2010 Vocational Training and Education for Clean Energy (VOC TEC) Agency for International Development
Oct 06, 2010 Photovoltaic (PV) Manufacturing Initiative Golden Field Office
Sep 17, 2010 RFI - Advanced Hydropower Technology Development and Deployment Golden Field Office
Sep 15, 2010 Agriculture and Food Research Initiative - Sustainable Bioenergy National Institute of Food and Agriculture
Sep 10, 2010 Opportunity RFA-OAA-10-000009 Agency for International Development
Sep 08, 2010 Assistance to High Energy Cost Rural Communities Utilities Programs

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