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 Close Date Grant TitleAgency
Jan 18, 2005 Sub-Area of Interest 4B: Fuel Processing - AlternativeReforming Concepts Headquarters
Jan 18, 2005 Sub-Area of Interest 4C: Fuel Processing - Fuel Reforming Technology for Logistic Fuel Applications Headquarters
Jan 10, 2005 Support of Advanced Fossil Resource Conversion andUtilization Research by Historically Black Colleges and Universities andOther Minority Institutions Headquarters
Jan 10, 2005 Advanced Environmental Control Technologies forCoal Headquarters
Jan 10, 2005 Advanced Coal Utilization Headquarters
Jan 10, 2005 Clean Fuels Technology Headquarters
Jan 10, 2005 Oil Shale and Oil (Tar) Sands Processing EnvironmentalFactors Headquarters
Jan 10, 2005 Clearly Define the Geology of Selected Oil (Tar) SandsDeposits Headquarters
Jan 10, 2005 Improved Materials for Horizontal Coil Tubing forDrilling Headquarters
Jan 10, 2005 High Speed Drilling Systems for Coil Tubing DrillRigs Headquarters
Jan 10, 2005 Natural gas Exploration, Production andStorage Headquarters
Jan 10, 2005 Fuel Cells Headquarters
Jan 10, 2005 Faculty/Student Exploratory Research TrainingGrants Headquarters
Dec 31, 2004 Nuclear Power 2010 Program: New Nuclear Plant Licensing Demonstration Projects Headquarters
Nov 30, 2004 Master Announcement: Support of Advanced Coal Research atU.S. Colleges and Universities Headquarters
Nov 30, 2004 Computer-Aided Design of High-Temperature Materials Headquarters
Nov 30, 2004 Nano-Technology for Coatings in Coal-Fired Environments Headquarters
Nov 30, 2004 Multi-Pollutant Controls byOxyCombustion Headquarters
Nov 30, 2004 Novel Sensors for Slagging Coal Gasification Systems Headquarters
Nov 30, 2004 Electrically-Conductive, Low-Temperature Sintering Materials for Cathode/Interconnect Contact in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Headquarters
Nov 30, 2004 Partitioning and Mechanism Studies for Mercury and Associated Trace Metals within Coal-Fired Processes Headquarters
Nov 30, 2004 Water Impacts from Coal-Burning PowerPlants Headquarters
Nov 30, 2004 Joining and Sealing High Temperature Gas Separation Membranes Headquarters
Nov 30, 2004 Computational Chemistry in Support of Hydrogen from Coal Headquarters
Nov 30, 2004 Hydrogen Production Separation Headquarters
Nov 30, 2004 Measurement and Analysis to Quantify the Contribution ofCoal-Fired Utility Boiler Emissions to Ambient PM2.5 Headquarters
Nov 30, 2004 Separating Ambient PM2.5 Into Source-Specific FractionsFor Use In Toxicology Studies Headquarters
Nov 30, 2004 Turbine Combustion: Chemical Kinetics Headquarters
Nov 30, 2004 Innovative Concepts Phase-II Program Headquarters
Nov 10, 2004 Office of FreedomCAR and Vehicle Technologies Program WideFunding Opportunity Announcement Headquarters
Nov 10, 2004 Area of Interest 1 Advanced Combustion Engine EnablingTechnology Headquarters
Nov 10, 2004 Area of Interest 2 Integration of On-Board IdleReduction Technology in Heavy Trucks as Original Manufacturer FactoryEquipment Option Headquarters
Nov 10, 2004 Area of Interest 3 Advanced Vehicle Testing andEvaluation Headquarters
Oct 18, 2004 Research to Develop Chemical Building Blocks from Biomass Derived Sugars, Syngas, or Oils Headquarters
Oct 13, 2004 University Research in Biomass Technologies: Basic andApplied Understanding of Biomass Conversion and Processing for Fuels,Chemicals/Materials and Heat Power Headquarters
Oct 06, 2004 Microhole Technology Development II Headquarters
Oct 06, 2004 Microhole Technology Development Ii (Area 1 - Field Demonstration) Headquarters
Oct 06, 2004 Microhole Technology Development Ii, Area 2A-Advanced Monobore Concept Headquarters
Oct 06, 2004 Microhole Technology Development Ii, Area 2B, Microhole Coiled Tube Bottom Hole Assemblies Headquarters
Oct 06, 2004 Microhole Technology Development Ii, Area 2C, Microhole Completion and Production Equipment Headquarters

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