Opportunity W81XWH-09-PCRP-SIDA

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Opportunity W81XWH-09-PCRP-SIDA: The PCRP Synergistic Idea Development Award mechanism was introduced in FY07. Since then, 160 applications have been received and 14 (representing 30 individual awards) have been recommended for funding. The Synergistic Idea Development Award supports innovative approaches to prostate cancer research involving two or three independent, faculty-level (or equivalent) PIs. These investigators should use synergistic and complementary perspectives to address a central problem or question in prostate cancer research. This award is designed to encourage and support both new and pre-existing partnerships. The overall goal of this award is to accelerate advances in prostate cancer research to support the PCRP vision of conquering prostate cancer. The Synergistic Idea Development Award requires that investigators jointly design a single project. However, each partner will be recognized as a PI, submit a separate application, and receive an individual award. The research project must be supported by the unique expertise of each PI and must clearly define the synergistic components that will facilitate and accelerate progress in a way that could not be accomplished through independent efforts. Multidisciplinary projects are encouraged, and multi-institutional projects are allowed. Each proposed study must include clearly stated plans for interactions among all PIs and institutions involved. The plans must include ongoing communication, coordination of research progress and results, and data transfer. Additionally, multi-institutional applications must provide an intellectual property plan to resolve potential intellectual and material property issues and to remove institutional barriers that might interfere with achieving high levels of cooperation to ensure the successful completion of this award. The PCRP seeks applications from all areas of basic, preclinical, behavioral, and epidemiological research, which should be responsive to one or more of the FY09 PCRP focus areas. NEW FOR FY09: PIs wishing to apply for funding for population-based studies should consider submitting an application for the Population-Based Idea Development Award. NOTE: Clinical trials are not allowed under this mechanism. Refer to the Application Instructions and General Information, Appendix 6, for helpful information about distinguishing clinical trials and clinical research. It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigators (PIs) to clearly and explicitly articulate how the project addresses the following important aspects of the Synergistic Idea Development Award:FY09 DOD Prostate Cancer Synergistic Idea Development Award 41. Synergy: Synergy is a significant feature of this mechanism. These awards should accelerate research progress through ongoing communication and problem solving that approach the research problem from a variety of perspectives. The combined efforts of the PIs should result in a level of productivity that is greater than that achievable by each PI working independently. It should be clear that all PIs have an equal level of intellectual input into the proposed project. Contributions to the project are expected to be balanced between all PIs unless otherwise justified. The PIs' past history of collaborative study with each other or with other investigators will also be evaluated. 2. Innovation: Innovative research may represent a new paradigm, challenge existing paradigms, or look at existing problems from new perspectives. This may include high-risk approaches to prostate cancer research provided that there is potential for significant impact. Research that is an incremental advance upon published data is not considered innovative and will not be considered for funding under this award mechanism. 3. Impact: Research that has high impact will, if successful, significantly advance current methods and concepts for the prevention, detection, diagnosis, or treatment of prostate cancer in humans. 4. Responsiveness to focus areas: The relevance of the research problem to one or more of the focus areas. 5. Preliminary data: Submission of preliminary data relevant to prostate cancer and the proposed project is encouraged but not required. Any preliminary data provided should be from the laboratory of the PI or member(s) of the collaborating team. Although groundbreaking research often involves a degree of risk due to unforeseen difficulties or results, applications should be based on a sound scientific rationale that is established through logical reasoning and/or critical review and analysis of the literature. 6. PI Experience: This award mechanism is designed to accommodate multiple PIs. Therefore, each PI must demonstrate that he or she possesses the research experience and resources to function as a PI in a synergistic project among equals, as well as an appropriate level of authority and responsibility to direct the project supported by the grant. See the Program Announcement for the full Funding Opportunity Description.
Federal Grant Title: Opportunity W81XWH-09-PCRP-SIDA
Federal Agency Name: Dept of the Army USAMRAA
Grant Categories: Science and Technology
Type of Opportunity: Discretionary
Funding Opportunity Number: W81XWH-09-PCRP-SIDA
Type of Funding: Cooperative Agreement Grant
CFDA Numbers: 12.420
CFDA Descriptions: Military Medical Research and Development
Current Application Deadline: Jun 10, 2009
Original Application Deadline: Jun 10, 2009
Posted Date: Jan 24, 2009
Creation Date: May 05, 2009
Archive Date: Jul 10, 2009
Total Program Funding: $6,000,000
Maximum Federal Grant Award:
Minimum Federal Grant Award:
Expected Number of Awards: 5
Cost Sharing or Matching: No
Applicants Eligible for this Grant
Unrestricted (i.e., open to any type of entity above), subject to any clarification in text field entitled "Additional Information on Eligibility"
Grant Announcement Contact
PA HELP: 301-619-7079; cdmrp.pa@amedd.army.mil eReceipt HELP: 301-682-5507; help@cdmrp.org
CDMRP Helpdesk [cdmrp.pa@amedd.army.mil]
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