Most Popular Grants for May 2011

The top ten most popular government grants at during the month of May 2011 are featured here.

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Find out more about each individual grant by clicking the link leading to the grant's full description. You can also find a short description plus links to the federal agency and grant category below each grant title. Visit these links if a certain grant piques your interest and you wish to discover similar opportunities.

Please note that some of these grants have been archived and their application deadlines may have already expired.



1. National Geothermal Database
  Create a central repository for all publically accessible geothermal data.
  Category: Energy Grants   Federal Agency: Golden Field Office

2. Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program Era of Hope Scholar Award
  Promote research focused on eradicating breast cancer.
  Category: Science and Technology Grants   Federal Agency: Department of Defense

3. Elder Care Initiative Long Term Care Grant Program
  Support long term care services for American Indians and Alaska Native elders.
  Category: Health Grants   Federal Agency: Indian Health Service

4. Self-Help Homeownership Opportunity Program
  Facilitate self-help housing programs that require the homebuyer to construct or rehabilitate the dwelling.
  Category: Housing Grants   Federal Agency: Department of Housing and Urban Development

5. COPS in Schools
  Assist law enforcement in hiring School Resource Officers to engage in community policing in primary and secondary schools.
  Category: Law, Justice, and Legal Services Grants   Federal Agency: Community Oriented Policing Services

6. National Professional Development Program
  Improve classroom instruction for limited English proficient children.
  Category: Education Grants   Federal Agency: Department of Education

7. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Opportunities in the Workforce Initiative
  Prepare disadvantaged youth and dislocated workers for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers.
  Category: Employment, Labor, and Training Grants   Federal Agency: Employment and Training Administration

8. Volunteer Income Tax Assistance 2011
  Extend tax help services to underserved populations in the hardest-to-reach areas.
  Category: Other Grants   Federal Agency: Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

9. Small Business Teaming Pilot Program
  Provide assistance and guidance to small businesses seeking to compete for larger federal procurement contracts.
  Category: Business and Commerce Grants   Federal Agency: Small Business Administration

10. United States Agency for International Development Tanzania Education Program
  USAID foreign assistance for basic education programs in Tanzania.
  Category: Education   Federal Agency: Tanzania USAID Dar es Salaam is not endorsed by, or affiliated with, any government agency. Copyright ©2018