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 Grant TitleCFDAFunding Number
DoD Orthotics and Prosthetics Outcomes, Clinical Trial Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-OPORP-CTA
DoD Orthotics and Prosthetics Outcomes, Clinical Research Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-OPORP-CRA
DoD Peer Reviewed Alzheimer's New Investigator Research Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-PRARP-NIRA
DoD Peer Reviewed Alzheimer's Quality of Life Research Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-PRARP-QUAL
DoD Peer Reviewed Alzheimer's Convergence Science Research Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-PRARP-CSRA
DoD Peer Reviewed Alzheimer's Research Partnership Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-PRARP-RPA
DoD Epilepsy, Idea Development Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-ERP-IDA
DoD Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Investigator-Initiated Research Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-DMDRP-IIRA
DoD Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Career Development Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-DMDRP-CDA
DoD Epilepsy, Longitudinal Risk Factors Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-ERP-LRFA
DoD Lupus, Concept Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-LRP-CA
DoD Lupus, Impact Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-LRP-IA
DoD Kidney Cancer, Translational Research Partnership Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-KCRP-TRPA
DoD Kideny Cancer, Idea Development Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-KCRP-IDA
DoD Kidney Cancer, Concept Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-KCRP-CA
DoD Kidney Cancer, Physician Research Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-KCRP-PRA
DoD Kideny Cancer, Technology Development Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-KCRP-TDA
DoD Hearing Restoration Focused Applied Research Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-HRRP-FARA
DoD Hearing Restoration Translational Research Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-HRRP-TRA
DoD Spinal Cord Injury Clinical Trial Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-SCIRP-CTA
DoD Spinal Cord Injury Qualitative Research Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-SCIRP-QRA
DoD Spinal Cord Injury Investigator- Initiated Research Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-SCIRP-IIRA
DoD Spinal Cord Injury Translational Research Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-SCIRP-TRA
DoD Prostate Cancer, Impact Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-PCRP-IA
DoD Prostate Cancer, Physician Research Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-PCRP-PRA
DoD Prostate Cancer, Idea Development Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-PCRP-IDA
DoD Autism Clinical Translational Research Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-ARP-CTRA
DoD Autism Clinical Trial Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-ARP-CTA
DoD Trauma Resiliency Immersive Adaptive Gaming Environment (TRIAGE) Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-S-MSI1
DoD Autism Idea Development Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-ARP-IDA
Prostate Cancer, Early Investigator Research Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-PCRP-EIRA
DoD Neurofibromatosis Early Investigator Research Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-NFRP-EIRA
DoD Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Clinical Translational Research Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-TSCRP-CTRA
DoD Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Exploration-Hypothesis Development Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-TSCRP-EHDA
DoD Neurofibromatosis New Investigator Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-NFRP-NIA
DoD Neurofibromatosis Investigator- Initiated Research Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-NFRP-IIRA
DoD Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Idea Development Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-TSCRP-IDA
DoD Neurofibromatosis Exploration- Hypothesis Development Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-NFRP-EHDA
DoD Neurofibromatosis Clinical Trial Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-NFRP-CTA
DoD Tick-Borne Disease, Career Development Award 12.420 W81XWH-18-TBDRP-CDA
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