Professional Development & Exchange for Ukrainian Educators of Preservice Teachers

The summary for the Professional Development & Exchange for Ukrainian Educators of Preservice Teachers grant is detailed below. This summary states who is eligible for the grant, how much grant money will be awarded, current and past deadlines, Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) numbers, and a sampling of similar government grants. Verify the accuracy of the data provides by visiting the webpage noted in the Link to Full Announcement section or by contacting the appropriate person listed as the Grant Announcement Contact. If any section is incomplete, please visit the website for the US Mission to Ukraine, which is the U.S. government agency offering this grant.
Professional Development & Exchange for Ukrainian Educators of Preservice Teachers: A. PROGRAM DESCRIPTIONThe Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy Kyiv (PAS Kyiv) announces an opencompetition for organizations to submit applications to carry out a program to administer the FY2022-2023 Professional Development for Instructors for Preservice Teachers grant. The granteefacilitates preservice teacher educators' professional development, to include regular onlinetraining and a short-term exchange to the United States. Please carefully follow all instructionsbelow.Award recipients will consult closely with PAS Kyiv throughout the development,implementation, and evaluation of the program. The grantee will be responsible for providing ahigh-quality, coherent online professional development program for selected instructors atpedagogical colleges and universities in Ukraine, to be accompanied by an approximately 3-week professional exchange trip to the United States offered to a subset of participatinginstructors (8-10). The professional development will address effective methods of training newEnglish language teachers; observation and feedback techniques for preservice teachers; bestpractices for hybrid and virtual teacher education; and training teachers to incorporate social-emotional learning. The exchange trip should provide Ukrainian teacher educators anopportunity to interact with U.S. teacher education programs. The grantee will provide logisticalsupport during the exchange, including travel and program support, as well as all kinds ofsupport needed to make the programs successful, as directed by PAS Kyiv. The grantee willimplement virtual follow-up activities to help participants adapt and apply lessons learned duringthe exchange experience. The Grantee will be required to provide the Embassy with programaccount records on a regular basis.Priority Region: The U.S. Embassy Kyiv will advise on priority pedagogical colleges anduniversities.Program Objectives:1. Provide professional development opportunities for instructors for preservice Englishlanguage teachers at pedagogical colleges and universities.2. Strengthen people-to-people ties between the United States and Ukraine throughactivities, information sharing, and experiences between American experts and targetaudiences that increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States andUkraine.3. Build capacity of Ukrainian pedagogical colleges and universities through long-term, self-sustaining relationships and institutional linkages between American and Ukrainian individualsand organizations.The goal of this program is to provide space for dialogue between the peoples of bothcountries and foster American engagement with a wide range of Ukrainian audiences throughEnglish language teaching and learning.Participants and Audiences:Ukrainian instructors of methodology for preservice English language teachers in Ukraine;approximately 30 instructors will be audience for online professional development, of whichapproximately 10-12 will participate in the exchange.B. FEDERAL AWARD INFORMATIONLength of performance period: October 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023Number of awards anticipated: oneTotal available funding: $300,000, pending the availability of fundsType of Funding: FY22 Foreign Assistance FundsAnticipated program start date: October 1, 2022This notice is subject to availability of funding.Funding Instrument Type: Cooperative agreementIn a cooperative agreement, PAS Kyiv is substantially involved in program activities aboveand beyond routine monitoring. The Embassy will identify and work closely with partners tocarry out the activities, serving as the main conduit of information to the Ukrainian organizationsand partners. The Embassy will also be responsible for monitoring the activity and representingthe U.S. Government during the course of the programming. In addition, PAS Kyiv will:• provide guidance and feedback on the topics for the professional development program;• advise in the selection of participating instructors• provide feedback at regular intervals and upon program completion.Program Performance Period: Proposed programs should be completed in December 31, 2023The Department of State will entertain applications for continuation grants funded under theseawards beyond the initial budget period on a non-competitive basis subject to availability offunds, satisfactory progress of the program, and a determination that continued funding would bein the best interest of the U.S. Department of State.C. ELIGILIBITY INFORMATION1. Eligible ApplicantsThe following organizations are eligible to apply: U.S. non-commercial organizations andacademic institutions (both Public and Private) are eligible to apply. U.S. public and private non-profit organizations must meet the provisions described in Internal Revenue Code section 26USC 501(c)(3).2. Cost Sharing or MatchingCost sharing is encouraged, but there is not requirement for cost sharing or matching funds forthis competition.3. Other Eligibility RequirementsIn order to be eligible to receive an award, all organizations must have a valid registration Please see Section D for information on how to obtain these registrations.a) Technical Eligibility: All proposals must comply with the requirements and guidanceincluded in this NOFO. Not following the guidance will result in the proposal being declaredtechnically ineligible and given no further consideration in the review process.b) Eligible applicants may not submit more than one proposal in this competition.If more than one proposal is received from the same applicant, all submissions will be declaredtechnically ineligible and will receive no further consideration in the review process.Please note: Applicant organizations are defined by their legal name, and EIN number as statedon their completed SF-424 and additional supporting documentation outlined in the PSIdocument.c) Taxes: Successful applicants are responsible for complying with all applicable tax treaties andfederal, state and local laws on tax withholding and reporting for project participants.D. APPLICATION AND SUBMISSION INFORMATION1. Address to Request Application PackageInterested applicants may request the full text of this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) viaemail to The NOFO may also be found on as well as thewebsite of the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv: may also request a NOFO in writing to: Grants Team, Public Affairs Section, U.S.Embassy Kyiv, Public Affairs Section, 4, Igor Sikorsky Street, Kyiv 041122. Content and Form of Application SubmissionPlease follow all instructions below carefully. Proposals that do not meet the requirements of thisannouncement or fail to comply with the stated requirements will be ineligible.Content of ApplicationPlease ensure: The proposal clearly addresses the goals and objectives of this funding opportunity All documents are in English All budgets are in U.S. dollars All pages are numbered All documents are formatted to 8 ½ x 11 paper, and All Microsoft Word documents are single-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with1-inch margins.The following documents are required:1. Mandatory application forms SF-424 (Application for Federal Assistance – organizations) SF424A (Budget Information for Non-Construction programs) See formore information regarding the process to obtain required registrations.2. Summary Page: Cover sheet stating the applicant name and organization, proposal date,program title, program period proposed start and end date, and brief purpose of the program.3. Proposal (4-page maximum): The applicant must include all the items below. The proposalshould contain sufficient information that anyone not familiar with the topic would understandexactly what the applicant wants to do. The narrative should detail the applicant's experience andorganizational capability in carrying out the facilitation of exchange program logistics. Proposal Summary: Short narrative that outlines the proposed program, includingprogram objectives and anticipated impact. Introduction to the Organization applying: A description of past and presentoperations, showing ability to carry out the program, including information on allprevious grants from the U.S. Embassy and/or U.S. government agencies. This sectionshould also address the organization's knowledge of the Ukrainian legal and politicalenvironment as it relates to cultural and professional exchanges. Problem Statement: Clear, concise and well-supported statement of the problem to beaddressed and why the proposed program is needed Program Goals and Objectives: The “goals” describe what the program is intended toachieve. The “objectives” refer to the intermediate accomplishments on the way to thegoals. These should be achievable and measurable. Program Activities: Describe the program activities and how they will help achieve theobjectives. Program Methods and Design: A description of how the program is expected to work tosolve the stated problem and achieve the goal. Include a logic model as appropriate. Proposed Program Schedule and Timeline: The proposed timeline for the programactivities. Include the dates, times, and locations of planned activities and events. Key Personnel: Names, titles, roles and experience/qualifications of key personnelinvolved in the program. Please provide as much detail about proposed personnel aspossible, such as prior places worked, connections to exchange program management,and their readiness to work on this project. Please list where they will work and whatproportion of their time will be used in support of this program? Program Partners: List the names and type of involvement of key partner organizationsand sub-awardees. Program Monitoring and Evaluation Plan: This is an important part of successfulgrants. Throughout the time-frame of the grant, how will the activities be monitored toensure they are happening in a timely manner, and how will the program be evaluated tomake sure it is meeting the goals of the grant? Future Funding or Sustainability Applicant's plan for continuing the program beyondthe grant period, or the availability of other resources, if applicable.BudgetThe budget should outline the administrative costs involved in carrying out the online andexchange activities. For example, the proposal should indicate the anticipated administrativecosts for hiring and maintaining staff who will make travel arrangements for Ukrainian exchangeparticipants, building a landing page, and the other tasks outlined in this notice of funding. Thebudget should also include the costs for participant travel as part of the exchange experience.Please note that the number of participants to be supported is estimated. Final number ofparticipants will be determined in consultation with the Embassy. During the administration ofthe program, actual costs of exchange participant travel must be used, not estimates submitted onthe budget.4. Budget Justification Narrative: After filling out the SF-424A Budget (above), use a separatesheet of paper to describe each of the budget expenses in detail. See section H. OtherInformation: Guidelines for Budget Submissions below for further information.5. Attachments: 1-page CV or resume of key personnel who are proposed for the program. Letters of support from program partners describing the roles and responsibilities of eachpartner (if applicable) If your organization has a NICRA and includes NICRA charges in the budget, your latestNICRA should be included as a PDF file. Unique Entity Identifier and System for Award Management ( Registrations: Any applicant listed on the Excluded Parties List System (EPLS) inthe System for Award Management (SAM) is not eligible to apply for an assistance award inaccordance with the OMB guidelines at 2 CFR 180 that implement Executive Orders 12549 (3CFR, 1986 Comp., p. 189) and 12689 (3 CFR, 1989 Comp., p. 235), “Debarment andSuspension.” Additionally, no entity listed on the EPLS can participate in any activities under anaward. All applicants are strongly encouraged to review the EPLS in SAM to ensure that noineligible entity is included.All organizations applying to receive Federal assistance must have a CCR (NCAGE) number,and an active account with the System for Award Management ( before an award canbe made.Step 1: Apply for a NCAGE number (these can be completed simultaneously)NCAGE application. Application page here: for the NCAGE application process: NCAGE help from within the U.S., call 1-888-227-2423For NCAGE help from outside the U.S., call 1-269-961-7766 Email forany problems in getting an NCAGE code.Step 2: After receiving the NCAGE Code, proceed to register in by logging onto: SAM registration must be renewed annually.Note that SAM registration are free of charge!You may start getting emails from commercial companies offering to process or extendregistration for you at extra fee. It is in your organization's discretion to choose the way ofprocessing these registrations. U.S. Government does not commit to reimburse you these costs.Submission Dates and TimesApplications are due no later than July 11, 2022Funding Restrictions: Please note that award funds cannot be used for alcoholic beverages.a) Indirect Charges: An organization with a Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement (NICRA)from a cognizant (primary) federal government agency should include a copy of the cost-rateagreement. Applicants should indicate in the proposal budget how the rate is applied and if anyof the rate will be cost-shared. Organizations claiming indirect costs should have an establishedNICRA. If sub-grantees are claiming indirect costs, they should have an established NICRA thatis also submitted with the proposal package. If your organization does not have a NICRA, andthe proposal budget has a line item for indirect cost charges, those indirect charges may notexceed 10%.b) Pre-award Costs: Any costs incurred prior to the award start date in the Federal Notice ofAward are incurred at the recipient's own risk. Approval of these costs require authorization ofthe Grants Officer to be considered allowable, will only be considered on a case-by-case basis,and will only be authorized in extraordinary circumstances. Applicants should assume that anycosts incurred before the start date on the Federal Notice of Award will not be authorized.
Federal Grant Title: Professional Development & Exchange for Ukrainian Educators of Preservice Teachers
Federal Agency Name: US Mission to Ukraine (DOS-UKR)
Grant Categories: Education
Type of Opportunity: Discretionary
Funding Opportunity Number: PAS-UKRAINE-2022-11
Type of Funding: Cooperative Agreement
CFDA Numbers: 19.900
CFDA Descriptions: Information not provided
Current Application Deadline: July 11th, 2022
Original Application Deadline: July 11th, 2022
Posted Date: June 10th, 2022
Creation Date: June 10th, 2022
Archive Date: August 10th, 2022
Total Program Funding: $300,000
Maximum Federal Grant Award: $300,000
Minimum Federal Grant Award: $300,000
Expected Number of Awards: 1
Cost Sharing or Matching: No
Last Updated: June 15th, 2022
Applicants Eligible for this Grant
Others (see text field entitled "Additional Information on Eligibility" for clarification.)
Additional Information on Eligibility
U.S. non-commercial organizations andacademic institutions (both Public and Private) are eligible to apply. U.S. public and private non-profit organizations must meet the provisions described in Internal Revenue Code section 26USC 501(c)(3).2. Cost Sharing or
Link to Full Grant Announcement
Information not provided
Grant Announcement Contact
Kyiv Regional English Language Office
Inbox for general inquiries to RELO Kyiv office.
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