Accessibility Review Training Pilots

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Accessibility Review Training Pilots: NOTICE OF INTENT TO AWARD

This Funding Announcement is not a request for applications. This announcement is to provide public notice of the National Park Service's intention to fund the following project activities without full and open competition.

Funding Announcement P15AS00212
Project Title Accessibility Review Training Pilots
Recipient Indiana University National Center on Accessibility
Principle Investigator / Program Manager Sherril York
Total Anticipated Award Amount $195,000.00
Cost Share none
New Award or Continuation? Continuation of Cooperative Agreement P14AC00027
Anticipated Length of Agreement From date of award until 9/30/2017
Anticipated Period of Performance From date of award until 9/30/2017
Award Instrument Cooperative Agreement
Statutory Authority 54 USC 101702(a)
CFDA # and Title 15.954 Conservation, Protection, Outreach and Education
Single Source Justification Criteria Cited (2) Continuation
NPS Point of Contact June Zastrow 303-987-6718


Cooperative Agreement Number P14AC00027 was entered into by and between the Department of the Interior, National Park Service (NPS), and the National Center for Accessibility (NCA) for the purpose of training, technical assistance and research in the area of accessibility in the areas of parks, recreation and tourism by the NCA. Unless otherwise specified herein, the terms and conditions as stated in the Cooperative Agreement will apply to this Task Agreement.

State, local and private entities (e.g., parks, museums, etc.) are required to conduct similar accessibility reviews of their facilities. By the NPS establishing a comprehensive SOP for conducting these reviews, NPS will be establishing an industry standard that can be adopted by state, local and private entities and adapted to their needs. NCA is often called upon by the entities to either (a) conduct assessments for them or (b) teach them how to conduct such assessments on their own. When this occurs, NCA will be able to use the model established by NPS in providing this service. Similarly, NCA teaches open courses to state, local and private entities on accessibility and these training courses often include instructions on models and best practices used by NPS. The SOP developed for NPS would be incorporated into these trainings to be shared with state and local entities.

In addition, this process requires the involvement of the disability community external to NPS, which will directly benefit from being involved in the process and will benefit from the eventual implementation of the SOP's.

Throughout the NPS system, Parks contract with many entities (such as ADA Centers) to conduct accessibility reviews and assessments. These external entities currently do not have guidelines to follow. These SOP would be provided to these entities to make their assessment processes easier and consistent.

In addition, a significant amount of capacity-building around accessibility will be necessary to implement the standard operating procedures being developed pursuant to the above paragraph. Therefore, this modification proposes to support NCA as the facilitator and coordinator of a process to create a training plan to build system wide accessibility capacity. NCA has been the primary provider of training to NPS as well as state, local and private entities concerning accessibility, so they have the expertise and experience to provide primary support for this task.

The goal of the training plan will be to set forth a road map for creating an agency-wide accessibility culture through training. This road map will be shared with state, local, and private entities for them to adopt or adapt when they want to similarly develop cultures. Further, once the training plan is done, trainings will be developed to implement the plan. Those trainings will be available to the public in many cases or can be adapted to be provided to the general public by NCA.

The completion of this plan also will have an impact on the concessioners and partners who work with NPS, because their training needs will also be considered as a part of the plan.

Finally, the Service will have ongoing training, technical assistance, and assessment needs met during the period in which new accessibility review standard operating procedures and training plans are being developed. To maintain an appropriate level of service to the field during the planning phase, this modification supports NCA to provide the ongoing technical assistance and training to NPS and state, local and private entities as appropriate to ensure continuity during a period of transition.

All three of the activities described above are interrelated, so the ability to work on them together with NCA will be effective and efficient.


NCA agrees to:

Conduct a pilot or pilots of the accessibility review standard operating procedures (SOP) developed under TA Number P14AC01604. The number and location of the pilots is to be determined as agreed upon between NCA and NPS.
Perform an evaluation of the effectiveness of the accessibility review SOP implementation and adjust as needed.
Develop and conduct training(s) on implementing the accessibility review standard operating procedures developed under TA Number P14AC01604. The number and location of the training(s) is to be determined as agreed upon between NCA and NPS.
Develop and conduct training(s) on programmatic accessibility. The number and location of the training(s) is to be determined as agreed upon between NCA and NPS.
Provide accessibility-related telephone and email consultation, to any NPS units and general accessibility-related technical assistance to public entities requesting it.
Develop on-line technical assistance guides, videos, and/or blogs on accessibility issues on (but not limited to) NCA website, through Facebook, and LinkedIn resources.


Substantial involvement on the part the National Park Service is anticipated for the successful completion of the objectives to be funded by this award. In particular, the National Park Service will be responsible for the following:

Collaborate with NCA and other appropriate stakeholders to identify parks to participate in pilots.
Coordinate with parks selected for the pilots to provide support in advance of the pilots.
Collaborate with NCA and other appropriate stakeholders to identify parks, individuals, or entities to participate in training.
Coordinate with parks, individuals, or entities selected for training and provide support in advance of the training.
Respond to requests for needs (provision of information, review of documents, coordination with parks, etc.) in a timely manner.
Consider the portfolio of work undertaken by NCA and its staff when setting expectations and deadlines.
In conjunction with the University, evaluate the current status of accessible NPS programs, facilities and services in order to assess the needs for training, technical assistance and research that is needed to improve the level of services.
Work with the University to evaluate the current status of training, technical assistance and research in the area of accessibility in order to determine where changes and additions are needed.
Provide the technical expertise of the National Accessibility Branch to work with the University, to assist in the development and implementation of a national training and education program, including workshops, seminars, and fieldwork, for NPS and other federal, state, local and private park and recreation professionals, designed to increase awareness and knowledge of methods to ensure that people with disabilities have equal access to park and recreation facilities, programs and opportunities.
Utilize the extensive resources of the Service in conjunction with that of the University to develop and implement a national technical assistance, information and consultation program for NPS and other park and recreation professionals at the federal, state, local and private levels designed to assist them in ensuring that their facilities, programs and opportunities are accessible to people with disabilities, consistent with applicable laws, standards and regulations.
Work with the staff of the University to evaluate the effectiveness of the partnership in providing education and training and technical services to make program modifications as determined by that evaluation.


Department of the Interior Policy (505 DM 2) requires a written justification which explains why competition is not practicable for each single-source award. The justification must address one or more of the following criteria as well as discussion of the program legislative history, unique capabilities of the proposed recipient, and cost-sharing contribution offered by the proposed recipient, as applicable.

In order for an assistance award to be made without competition, the award must satisfy one or more of the following criteria:
(1) Unsolicited Proposal The proposed award is the result of an unsolicited assistance application which represents a unique or innovative idea, method, or approach which is not the subject of a current or planned contract or assistance award, but which is deemed advantageous to the program objectives;
(2) Continuation The activity to be funded is necessary to the satisfactory completion of, or is a continuation of an activity presently being funded, and for which competition would have a significant adverse effect on the continuity or completion of the activity;
(3) Legislative intent The language in the applicable authorizing legislation or legislative history clearly indicates Congress intent to restrict the award to a particular recipient of purpose;
(4) Unique Qualifications The applicant is uniquely qualified to perform the activity based upon a variety of demonstrable factors such as location, property ownership, voluntary support capacity, cost-sharing ability if applicable, technical expertise, or other such unique qualifications;
(5) Emergencies Program/award where there is insufficient time available (due to a compelling and unusual urgency, or substantial danger to health or safety) for adequate competitive procedures to be followed.

The National Park Service did not solicit full and open competition for this award based the following criteria:



This is a Task Agreement (P15AC01177) under Cooperative Agreement (P14AC00027) in the amount of $195,000.00 with a period of performance from date of award until 09/30/2017.


54 U.S.C. 101702(a) Cooperative Agreements, Transfer of Service Appropriated Funds

Federal Grant Title: Accessibility Review Training Pilots
Federal Agency Name: National Park Service
Grant Categories: Community Development Education Environment Health Natural Resources Regional Development
Type of Opportunity: Discretionary
Funding Opportunity Number: P15AS00212
Type of Funding: Cooperative Agreement
CFDA Numbers: 15.954
CFDA Descriptions: National Park Service Conservation, Protection, Outreach, and Education
Current Application Deadline: Jul 28, 2015
Original Application Deadline: Jul 28, 2015
Posted Date: Jul 14, 2015
Creation Date: Jul 15, 2015
Archive Date: Jul 29, 2015
Total Program Funding: $195,000
Maximum Federal Grant Award: $195,000
Minimum Federal Grant Award: $1
Expected Number of Awards: 1
Cost Sharing or Matching: No
Applicants Eligible for this Grant
Public and State controlled institutions of higher education
Grant Announcement Contact
June Zastrow, 303-987-6718

National Park Service 303-898-9819
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