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 Deadline Grant TitleCategories
Aug 10, 2011 Two Hearings of the National Institute of Corrections Advisory Board Other
Aug 26, 2011 Correctional Health Care Executive Curriculum Development Other
Aug 29, 2011 Quarterly Publication of a Corrections Mental Health Newsletter Other
Aug 12, 2011 Training and Related Assistance for Indian Country Jails Other
Aug 24, 2011 Developing a Method for Conducting an Internal Evaluation of Gender-Informed Policy and Practice Other
Aug 11, 2011 Evaluating Early Access to Medicaid as a Reentry Strategy Health
Jul 01, 2011 Document Tools for Implementing Inmate Behavior Management: Setting Measurable Goals Other
Jun 24, 2011 Document Tools in Assessing Inmates Risks and Needs: The Assessment Interview Other
Jun 10, 2011 New Jail Planning Initiative: Review and Revision Other
Feb 14, 2011 State Jail Inspector: Training Curriculum Revision and Update Other
Dec 15, 2010 Production of Seven Live Satellite/Internet Broadcasts Other
Sep 03, 2010 Curriculum Development: Implementing and Sustaining an Evidence-Based Risk Reduction Approach for First- and Mid-Level Supervisors in Corrections Settings Other
Aug 30, 2010 NIC Cost Containment Online Resource Center Project Other
Aug 20, 2010 Strategies for Women Executives in Corrections Other
Aug 02, 2010 Guidebook for Building High Performance Correctional Organizations Other
Jul 30, 2010 The Norval Morris Project Implementation Phase Other
Jul 23, 2010 Meetings of the Institutional Corrections Research Network and Two Subject Matter Experts Meetings on Correctional Research Other
Jun 11, 2010 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex Guidance Project Other
May 21, 2010 Evaluation of Technical Assistance for Evidence-Based Decisionmaking in Local Criminal Justice Systems Other
May 06, 2010 Development of Two Documents - Inmate Behavior Management: A Guide to Meeting Inmates Basic Needs and - Inmate Behavior Management: A Guide to Defining and Conveying Expectations for Inmates Other
Mar 30, 2010 Training for Executive Excellence: Leadership Style and Instrumentation Curriculum Development Other
Mar 25, 2010 Training for Executive excellence: The Role of the Correctional CEO Curriculum Development Other
Feb 12, 2010 Curriculum Development: Training for Correctional Industries Directors Other
Feb 12, 2010 Document Development - Working with Mental Illness in Corrections: A Framework, Strategies and Best Practices. Other
Jan 04, 2010 The Prison RapeElimination Act (PREA) Technical Assistance Project Other
Jan 15, 2010 Quarterly Publication of a Corrections Mental Health Newsletter. Health
Dec 28, 2009 Employment Retention Other
Nov 30, 2009 A Systems Approach for Workforce Performance - Curriculum Development Other
Dec 01, 2009 Production of Four Satellite/Internet Broadcasts and Three Stand Alone DVD's Other
Aug 14, 2009 Subject Matter Experts Meetings on Organizational Culture and Performance Other
Jul 24, 2009 The Instructional Theory into Practice (ITIP) Guidance Tools Project Other
Jul 24, 2009 Direct Supervision: Curriculum Development Other
Jul 06, 2009 Large Jail Administration: Training Curriculum Development Other
Jun 19, 2009 National Sheriffs Institute: Training Program Review, Delivery, Revision, and Evaluation Other
Jun 19, 2009 Green Corrections Other
Jun 24, 2009 Women Offenders: Gender Responsive Approaches to Risk and Need Assessment Other
Jun 02, 2009 Evidence Based Strategic Planning in Southern California Other
May 08, 2009 The Norval Morris Project Other
Apr 10, 2009 Direct Supervision: Curriculum Development Other
Apr 02, 2009 Jail Information System Document Other

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