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Many federal and local governments, non-profit organizations, and private companies are seeking to fill grant writing positions. Example job titles in this field include: grant writer, proposal writer, grant manager, development associate, grant reviewer, grant administrator, and grant coordinator. Use the app below to find grant writing jobs. Choose one of our featured grant writing jobs or input your desired position and location and click "Search Jobs". Select a specific job to view the complete description and requirements, submit your resume, and apply.

Grant Writer Job Description

A grant writer is responsible for the preparation of grant proposals and applications. Not only must grants be written, but research must also be done to identify future grant opportunities that align with their organization's financial needs and goals.

Once an appropriate grant is found, often a grant writer will need to first propose it to the organization's leadership. After receiving approval to proceed, it is the grant writer's responsibility to obtain all the information needed to develop and submit the grant application. The third-party receiving the grant application may be a government agency, corporate office, or private foundation. Candidates for grant writing jobs must be prepared to keep track of critical deadlines and stay up to date on current government submission processes. In addition to an outstanding writing ability, a grant writer must possess the computer and internet skills necessary to submit online grant applications. Excellent communication skills are also of of the utmost importance as the grant writer must collaborate with co-workers and respond to grant-maker requests for additional information.

This grant writer job description is a general description, so specific jobs will likely require additional skills. Furthermore, smaller organizations may require the grant writer to perform other tasks, such as managing volunteers, conducting public relation campaigns, or discovering fundraising sources besides grants.

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