Free Federal Grants

The truth about free federal grants is: There are no free federal grants! At least not the type being advertised on late night infomercials and numerous websites. Except for free Grants for College such as Federal Pell Grants, the U.S. government doesn't give away free grant money to individuals. So don't worry, you're not missing out on anything.

Some of these outrageous claims state the average person is somehow missing out on thousands of dollars of free grant money they can get from the federal government. Some of these false claims say there is grant money available to help a person buy a home or pay off bills. If this were true, everyone would be rushing to stand in line with their application. These claims are simply not accurate.

The federal government never charges a fee for applying for a federal grant. Federal grants are not awarded to individuals or small businesses, except for select high technology companies who may qualify for specialized innovation research grants. These grants are rare and tough to qualify for. The vast majority of federal grants are primarily designed to be given to nonprofit agencies who can do the work of the government in our neighborhoods - feed the hungry, care for children, improve literacy rates, and provide healthcare to the poor. These are the initiatives grant money is for.

Many of those misleading infomercials and websites prey on individuals who are in dire financial straits and falsely convince them federal grants can save them from economic doom. Of course these advertisers are looking to profit from their false claims - they are usually selling a binder of useless information, a video or DVD, or an e-book.

Worse than misleading, there are also outright scams involving grants. The scammer will call or email to congratulate you on receiving a free grant. They will then request your banking or credit card information in order to pay for a small processing or handling fee. They will take this fee and you will never receive any grant money. Report any such fraudulent activity to the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-382-4357 or online at

There is absolutely no reason to spend your hard-earned money on anyone or anything claiming the average person can get a "free" federal grant. You simply can't.

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