Grants for Minorities

Federal grants are considered financial assistance provided by a government agency to execute a public intention of aid or incentive that is authorized by a United States law. These grants are not classified as benefits, entitlements, federal loans, or loans to certain recipients. Federal grants are monetary awards that will be utilized as financial assistance intended to execute work for charitable purposes or those that will benefit the public. The grantee must adhere to certain requirements and fulfill the grant's obligations to the last detail.

The goal of United States government grants is to benefit the community and the society as a whole. In fact, there are grants given to minority populations in various fields, professions, businesses, and research groups. Grants for minorities are meant to make a difference in the living conditions of the recipients by providing them access to higher education and professional advancement. Once you meet eligibility requirements, you can have access to various minority grants. Who then qualifies for a minority grant? For the most part, U.S. citizens who identify themselves as African-American, Hispanic, Asian, or Native American can receive grants for minorities.

Minority Business Grants

Are you looking for small business grants for minorities? Members of a minority looking to start their own small business should look locally when searching for grant money. Examples of regional organizations offering small business grants for minorities include: Brotherhood Business Development & Capital Fund, Operation HOPE, FAME Renaissance, and Pacific Coast Regional. Also, your local Chamber of Commerce may know of funding opportunities in your area for minority businesses. Is your minority business already up and running? The National Minority Supply and Diversity Council can be a good first contact. Although not a grant issuer, they connect their larger member companies with minority businesses. These corporations are wanting to purchase goods and services directly from minority-owned small businesses. For a list of grants specifically for black women-owned businesses, visit Small Business Grants for Black Women.

Black Scholarships and Grants

In providing college grants to African-Americans, the following programs have benefited many students of Historically Black Colleges and Universities with grants: The United Negro College Fund, Frederick Douglass Scholars Program, Mordecai Wyatt Johnson Program, and The National Black Nurses Association, and American Psychological Association's Minority Fellowship Program to name a few.

Hispanic Grants

Hispanic minority grants are generally fewer in number when compared to other minority grants. However, the government does in fact provide funding for Hispanic colleges and universities. Some of the programs covering these grants are Hispanic Nurses Association grants and scholarships, March of Dimes Nursing Scholarship program, Jose Marti College Grant, and Silicon Valley Scholarship.

Asian-American Grants

The Asian minority is said to be the fastest growing minority group in the United States. The Association for Asian Studies, Asian American Journalists Association, Asian American Federation of New York, and Southeast Asian Studies Regional Exchange Program are examples of organizations that provide Asian minority grants. Furthermore, The Luisa Mallari Fellowship is known to be the largest Asian minority grant program which allows the students to learn about their home countries.

Grants for Native Americans

Native Americans also have their set of college grants. Prior to an approval of a grant, one must first present a proof of Certificate Indian Blood (CIB) and that he or she actually belongs to a recognized tribe. Once such proof is certified as true then one can have access to the following grants: US Fish & Wildlife Service: 2008 Tribal Wildlife Grants, Tribal Colleges Education Equity Grants, Indian Adult Education, Minority Science and Engineering Improvement, and Special diabetes program for Indians: Diabetes Prevention & Treatment Projects.

Grants for Disabled People

People with disabilities, whether physical or mental, are likewise privileged of grants that would assist them in educational endeavor, may it be for preschool, college, or career training. Here are the list of the known group grants: Special Education Preschool Grants, Harry Truman Scholarship Program, Rehabilitation Training: Continuing Education, Tech-Prep Education, and Training Interpreters for Individuals who are Deaf & Individuals who are Deaf-Blind.

Grants for Low Income Students

Although not designed specifically for minorities, there are several popular grants that a prospective minority college student needs to know about. These grants are targeted toward helping mainly low income households. The Federal Pell Grant is the most important, because if you qualify for a Pell Grant you can then apply for the National SMART Grant, the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, and the Academic Competitiveness Grant.

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