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 Close Date Grant TitleAgency
Dec 20, 2013 U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2015 Golden Field Office
Dec 6, 2013 Demonstration and Deployment Stategies Golden Field Office
Dec 2, 2013 Pre-Commercial Synchrophasor Research and Demonstration National Energy Technology Laboratory
Nov 26, 2013 Hydrogen Production Research And Development Golden Field Office
Oct 20, 2013 Request for Information (RFI) - EERE Commercialization Golden Field Office
Oct 18, 2013 Applications for Post-Combustion and Pre-Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture and Gasification Technologies Testing National Energy Technology Laboratory
Sep 30, 2013 Research and Development Aimed at Green House Gas Emissions Reductions and Cost Competitiveness for Mil-Spec Jet Fuel Production Using Coal-to-Liquid Fuel Technologies National Energy Technology Laboratory
Sep 26, 2013 RFI - Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Manufacturing Golden Field Office
Sep 06, 2013 Request for Information (RFI): Manufacturing Renewable Carbon Fibers Golden Field Office
Sep 03, 2013 High Energy Cost Grant Program Utilities Programs
Sep 01, 2013 Notice of Intent: Marine and Hydrokinetic (Wave) Testing Infrastructure Development Golden Field Office
Sep 01, 2013 Notice of Intent to Issue FOA: Marine and Hydrokinetic System Performance Advancement Golden Field Office
Aug 30, 2013 Next Generation Photovoltaics Technology RFI Golden Field Office
Aug 29, 2013 Clean Energy Manufacturing Innovation Institute Golden Field Office
Aug 13, 2013 Marine and Hydrokinetic (Wave) Testing Infrastructure Development Golden Field Office
Aug 08, 2013 University Research Awards and Workforce Development for Hydropower Golden Field Office
Aug 05, 2013 USDA-FS-WERC-2013-SWET Forest Service
Aug 02, 2013 U.S. Consulate Chennai Maritime Trade and Security Conference US Mission to India
Aug 01, 2013 Mayak Worker Cancer Mortality Project Headquarters
Aug 01, 2013 Port of Spain Embassy Fiscal Year 2014- Request for Proposals US Mission to Trinidad and Tobago
Jul 31, 2013 Nuclear Science and Nuclear Nonproliferation Research NNSA
Jul 26, 2013 FY 2013 Methane Hydrates National Energy Technology Laboratory
Jul 23, 2013 Concentrating Solar Power: Efficiently Leveraging Equilibrium Mechanisms for Engineering New Thermochemical Storage (CSP: ELEMENTS) Golden Field Office
Jul 15, 2013 WASTE: Waste Applications for Sustainable Technologies for Energy (RFI) Golden Field Office
Jul 12, 2013 RFI - Rotating Disk Electrode Experiments for PEMFC Electrocatalyst Screening Golden Field Office
Jul 12, 2013 (RFI) - Manufacturing Barriers and Opportunities for Water Power Technologies Golden Field Office
Jul 11, 2013 Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Medium Duty Trucks, Roof-top Backup Power, and Advanced Hydrogen Refueling Components Golden Field Office
Jul 10, 2013 FY 2013 OIA Empowering Insular Community Program Department of the Interior
Jul 05, 2013 Accelerating the Deployment of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Technologies in South Africa and Saudi Arabia Golden Field Office
Jun 30, 2013 (RFI) - Manufacturing and Supply Chain Barriers and Opportunities for Wind Technologies Golden Field Office
Jun 27, 2013 Community-Scale Clean Energy Projects in Indian Country Golden Field Office
Jun 24, 2013 ''Turn Key'' Open Source Software Solutions for Energy Management of Small to Medium Sized Buildings Golden Field Office
Jun 20, 2013 Tribal Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Deployment Assistance Golden Field Office
Jun 19, 2013 ECPA Energy Efficiency Competition Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs
Jun 17, 2013 FY2013 Unconventional Gas and Oil Technologies National Energy Technology Laboratory
Jun 14, 2013 REDD+ Stakeholder Engagement in Support of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility Ocean and International Environmental Scientific
Jun 14, 2013 Supplemental and Alternative Crops Competitive Grants Program National Institute of Food and Agriculture
Jun 13, 2013 RFI - Hydrogen Delivery Technologies Golden Field Office
Jun 12, 2013 Consolidated Innovative Nuclear Research Idaho Field Office
Jun 12, 2013 Nuclear Energy University Programs - General Scientific Infrastructure Support Idaho Field Office

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