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 Grant TitleCFDAFunding Number
BROAD AGENCY ANNOUNCEMENT (BAA) for Extramural Biomedical and Human Performance Research and Development Department of Defense 12.420 HT9425-23-S-SOC1
DoD Kidney Cancer, Clinical Consortium Award 12.420 HT9425-23-KCRP-CCA
DOD Toxic Exposures, Translational Research Award 12.420 HT9425-23-TERP-TRA
DOD Toxic Exposures, Investigator-Initiated Research Award 12.420 HT9425-23-TERP-IIRA
DOD Toxic Exposures, Clinical Trial Award 12.420 HT9425-23-TERP-CTA
DOD Chronic Pain Management, Pain Management Collaborative Clinical Research Award 12.420 HT9425-23-CPMRP-PMCCRA
DOD Chronic Pain Management, Clinical Outcomes Research Award 12.420 HT9425-23-CPMRP-CORA
DOD Chronic Pain Management, Investigator-Initiated Research Award 12.420 HT9425-23-CPMRP-IIRA
DOD Chronic Pain Management, Clinical Exploration Award 12.420 HT9425-23-CPMRP-CEA
DoD, Defense Medical Research and Development Program, Trauma Immunology Research Award 12.420 HT9425-23-DMRDP-TIRA
DoD Breast Cancer, Clinical Research Extension Award 12.420 HT9425-23-BCRP-CREA2-2
DoD Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Idea Development Award 12.420 HT9425-23-DMDRP-IDA
DoD Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Translational Research Award 12.420 HT9425-23-DMDRP-TRA
DoD Pancreatic Cancer Focused Pilot Award 12.420 HT9425-23-PCARP-FPTA
DoD Kidney Cancer, Nurse Initiated Research Award 12.420 HT9425-23-KCRP-NIRA
DoD Kidney Cancer, Idea Development Award 12.420 HT9425-23-KCRP-IDA
DoD Kidney Cancer, Academy of Kidney Cancer Investigators - Early-Career Scholar Award 12.420 HT9425-23-KCRP-AKCIECSA
DoD Kidney Cancer, Translational Research Partnership Award 12.420 HT9425-23-KCRP-TRPA
DoD Kidney Cancer, Clinical Trial Award 12.420 HT9425-23-KCRP-CTA
DOD Reconstructive Transplant, Advanced Technology Development Award 12.420 HT9425-23-RTRP-ATDA
DOD Reconstructive Transplant, Idea Discovery Award 12.420 HT9425-23-RTRP-IDA
DOD Reconstructive Transplant, Investigator-Initiated Research Award 12.420 HT9425-23-RTRP-IIRA
DoD Kidney Cancer, Concept Award 12.420 HT9425-23-KCRP-CA
DoD Kidney Cancer, Postdoctoral and Clinical Fellowship Award 12.420 HT9425-23-KCRP-PCFA
DoD Neurofibromatosis New Investigator Award 12.420 HT9425-23-NFRP-NIA
DoD Neurofibromatosis Synergistic Idea Award 12.420 HT9425-23-NFRP-SIA
DoD Neurofibromatosis Clinical Trial Award 12.420 HT9425-23-NFRP-CTA
DoD Neurofibromatosis Exploration-Hypothesis Development 12.420 HT9425-23-NFRP-EHDA
DoD Neurofibromatosis Research Academy-Leadership Award 12.420 HT9425-23-NFRP-NFRA-LA
DoD Neurofibromatosis Research Academy-Scholar Award 12.420 HT9425-23-NFRP-NFRA-SA
DoD Neurofibromatosis Early Investigator Research Award 12.420 HT9425-23-NFRP-EIRA
DoD Neurofibromatosis Investigator-Initiated Award 12.420 HT9425-23-NFRP-IIRA
DoD Melanoma Research Team Science Award 12.420 HT9425-23-MRP-TSA
DoD Melanoma Mid-Career Accelerator Award 12.420 HT9425-23-MRP-MCAA
FY23 DoD Melanoma Idea Award 12.420 HT9425-23-MRP-IA
DoD Melanoma Academy Scholar Award 12.420 HT9425-23-MRP-MASA
DoD Melanoma Focused Program Award - Rare Melanomas 12.420 HT9425-23-MRP-FPA-RM
DoD Combat Readiness - Translational Research Award 12.420 HT9425-23-S-CRRP
DoD Vision Investigator-Initiated Research Award 12.420 HT9425-23-VRP-IIRA
DoD Vision Translational Research Award 12.420 HT9425-23-VRP-TRA
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