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 Deadline Grant TitleCategories
Apr 22, 2016 International TNM and Capacity Building Health
Apr 22, 2016 Standardizing Electronic Laboratory and Biomarker Reporting Health
Apr 22, 2016 Global Partnerships for Cancer Prevention and Control Health
Apr 22, 2016 Health Department Demonstration Projects for Comprehensive Prevention, Care, Behavioral Health, and Social Services for Men Who Have Sex with Men of Color Health
Apr 22, 2016 To Strengthen Collaboration between CDC and the National TB Controllers and the National Nurse Coalition Project Health
Apr 22, 2016 Characterizing the Complications Associated with Therapeutic Blood Transfusions for Hemoglobinapathies Health
Apr 22, 2016 Enhancing Cancer Registries for Early Case Capture of Pediatric and Young Adult Cancer Cases Health
Apr 22, 2016 Programs to Reduce Obesity in High Obesity Areas Health
Apr 21, 2016 PPHF 2016: National Early Child Care Collaboratives - Early Care and Education Statewide Collaboratives to Improve Nutrition, Breastfeeding Support, Physical Activity and Screen Time Practices for Obesity Prevention in Health
Apr 20, 2016 Strengthening the Nation’s Public Health System through a National Voluntary Accreditation Health
Apr 19, 2016 Protecting and Improving Public Health Systems Globally: Building and Strengthening Public Health Impact, Systems, Capacity and Security Health
Apr 19, 2016 Cooperative Research Agreements Related to the World Trade Center Health Program (U01) Health
Apr 19, 2016 Cooperative Research Agreements Related to the World Trade Center Health Program (U01) Health
Apr 18, 2016 National Organizations’ Support for State Oral Health Programs Health
Apr 18, 2016 Partner Support for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Health
Apr 18, 2016 Local non-Governmental Partnerships for Sustained Country Leadership in Rwanda under President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) Health
Apr 15, 2016 Provider Education and Public Awareness about Primary Immunodeficiency Disease Health
Apr 15, 2016 Reduction of Hemolysis in Specimens from Patients in Emergency Departments: Evaluation of Laboratory Medicine Best Practices and Recommendations Health
Apr 15, 2016 Improving the Impact of Laboratory Practice Guidelines: A New Paradigm for Metrics Health
Apr 15, 2016 Strengthening Public Health Laboratories Health
Apr 15, 2016 Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit (PEHSU) Program Health
Apr 15, 2016 Multiple Approaches to Increase Awareness and Support among Young Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer Health
Apr 15, 2016 Newborn Screening for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) Health
Apr 15, 2016 State-based Public Health Laboratory Biomonitoring Programs Health
Apr 15, 2016 STD Surveillance Network (SSuN) Health
Apr 15, 2016 Enhancing Cancer Genomic Best Practices through Education, Surveillance, and Policy Health
Apr 14, 2016 Health Department Demonstration Projects to Reduce HIV Infections and Improve Engagement in HIV Medical Care among Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) and Transgender Persons Health
Apr 11, 2016 Public Health Leader Fellowship Program (PHLFP) Health
Apr 11, 2016 Collecting Violent Death Information Using the National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS) Health
Apr 11, 2016 Cooperative Agreement for the Supporting and Building Capacity of Core Public Health Functions Related to Injury Prevention and Control Health
Apr 11, 2016 National Technical Assistance Resource Center for the Prevention of Sexual Violence Health
Apr 11, 2016 Electronic Learning (E-Learning) Collaborative Resource Center for SV and IPV Prevention Practitioners Health
Apr 11, 2016 Educating State-Level Stakeholders on Injury and Violence Prevention Health
Apr 11, 2016 Implementation of Essentials for Childhood: Safe, Stable, Nurturing Relationships (SSNRs) Health
Apr 10, 2016 Establishing a Center for Public Health Training in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies, Center for Global Health Health
Apr 8, 2016 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Practice and Implementation Centers Health
Apr 8, 2016 Community-Based Organization Outcome Monitoring Projects for PS15-1502 HIV-Positive and High-Risk HIV-Negative Clients Health
Apr 8, 2016 Rapid Response to Ebola Viral Disease in West Africa through Strengthening of Surveillance Systems and Disruption of Chain of Transmission Interventions Health
Apr 8, 2016 Improving Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Prevention and Practice through National Partnerships Health
Apr 5, 2016 Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) AND PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS Health

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