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Feb 07, 2005 Public Health Injury Surveillance and Prevention Program Health
Feb 07, 2005 Dissemination Research on Fall Prevention: Development and Testing of an Exercise Program Package to Prevent Older Adult Falls Health
Feb 02, 2005 Grants for Violence-Related Injury Prevention Research: Youth Violence, Suicidal Behavior, Child Maltreatment, Intimate Partner Violence, and Sexual Violence Health
Feb 02, 2005 Grants for New Investigator Training Awards for Unintentional Injury, Violence Related Injury, Injury Biomechanics, and Acute Injury Care Research Health
Feb 02, 2005 Grants for Traumatic Injury Biomechanics Research Health
Jan 31, 2005 Grants for Dissertation Awards for Doctoral Candidates for Violence-Related and Unintentional Injury Prevention Research in Minority Communities Health
Jan 25, 2005 Intervention and Evaluation Trials to Prevent Intimate Partner Violence Health
Jan 14, 2005 Public Health Conference Support Grant Program Health
Jan 03, 2005 State Implementation Projects for Preventing Secondary Conditions and Promoting the Health of People with Disabilities Health
Dec 22, 2004 Public Health Conference Support Program Health
Dec 21, 2004 Cooperative Agreement for the Surveillance, and Prevention of Birth Defects Health
Dec 20, 2004 Environmental Health Specialist Network Health Environment
Nov 23, 2004 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Prevention and Surveillance in South Africa: Developing Community-Level Strategies That Work Health
Nov 18, 2004 National Program To Promote Diabetes Education Strategies in Minority Communities: The National Diabetes Education Program Health
Nov 08, 2004 Reproductive Health Research Health
Oct 20, 2004 Population-Based Birth Defects Surveillance Programs and Utilization of Surveillance Data by Public Health Programs Health
Sep 22, 2004 ADAPT: Adopting and Demonstrating the Adaption of Prevention Techniques - Supplement Health
Sep 15, 2004 Comprehensive STD Prevention Systems, Prevention of STD-Related Infertility, and Syphilis Elimination Health
Sep 07, 2004 Delivery of Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT) Products in River State, Nigeria Health
Aug 30, 2004 Full Access Home-Based VCT Using Outreach Teams in Two Districts in the Republic of Uganda Health
Aug 30, 2004 HIV/AIDS Surveillance in VCT/PMTCT Centers in Haiti Including Support of Annual Sero-Survey of Pregnant Women Health
Aug 30, 2004 Support for Expanded HIV/AIDS Surveillance, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Information Management Activities in the Central American Region Health
Aug 19, 2004 Expasion of Psychosocial Support and Peer Counseling Services to HIV-Infecte Women and Their Families in Botswana Health
Aug 13, 2004 Immediate Relief to Decrease Unsafe Injections in Selected Countries in Africa and the Caribbean Under the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief Health
Aug 13, 2004 Evaluation of Innovative Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Prevention Interventions for High-Risk Minority Populations Health
Aug 09, 2004 Capacity Building to Support Local and Indigenous Organizations Providing HIV Prevention and Care in Kenya Health
Aug 09, 2004 HIV Prevention and Care Services for Young People in Kenya Health
Aug 09, 2004 Early Screening and Diagnosis of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Health
Aug 02, 2004 Provision of Routine HIV Testing, Counseling, Basic Care and Antiretroviral Therapy at Teaching Hospitals in the Republic of Uganda Health
Aug 02, 2004 Simplified Procedures for Routine HIV Screening in Acute Care Settings Health
Jul 26, 2004 Morbidity and Risk Behavior Surveillance Health
Jul 26, 2004 Strengthening HIV Counselor Training in the Republic of Uganda Health
Jul 26, 2004 Implementation of Programs for Prevention of Mother to Child HIV Transmission Through Indigenous Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Kenya Health
Jul 26, 2004 Implementation of Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission Service in Kenya Health
Jul 26, 2004 HIV Treatment for Research Subjects or by Researchers in Kenya Health
Jul 26, 2004 National Trauma Information and Exchange Program Health
Jul 26, 2004 Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit Program Health
Jul 26, 2004 Scale-Up of Home Based Care Activities for People Living With HIV/AIDS in the United Republic of Tanzania Health
Jul 26, 2004 TB Elimination and Laboratory Health
Jul 23, 2004 Demonstration Projects for Implementation of Rapid HIV Testing in Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Alternative Venues and Populations Health

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