American Spaces Grant Funding 2023

The summary for the American Spaces Grant Funding 2023 grant is detailed below. This summary states who is eligible for the grant, how much grant money will be awarded, current and past deadlines, Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) numbers, and a sampling of similar government grants. Verify the accuracy of the data provides by visiting the webpage noted in the Link to Full Announcement section or by contacting the appropriate person listed as the Grant Announcement Contact. If any section is incomplete, please visit the website for the US Mission to Morocco, which is the U.S. government agency offering this grant.
American Spaces Grant Funding 2023: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATEEMBASSY RABATNotice of Funding OpportunityFunding Opportunity Title: American Spaces Grant Funding 2023Funding Opportunity Number: PAS-MOROCCO-FY23-09Deadline for Applications: May 5, 2023Assistance Listing Number: 19.441Total Amount Available: $85,000Contact Email: Rabatgrants@state.govA. PROGRAM DESCRIPTION The U.S. Mission Morocco is pleased to announce an open competition to award a grant or cooperative agreement for organizations to carry out programming at one or both of Mission Morocco's two American Spaces.American Spaces are the U.S. government's primary cultural and information centers abroad that provide free and open access for communities worldwide interested in learning more about the United States. In Morocco, there are two American Spaces, the American Center in Casablanca known as Dar America and an American corner in Oujda known as the American Space Oujda (ASO).Dar America and the ASO are responsible for delivering dynamic programming that promotes stability and prosperity in Morocco, while attracting diverse audiences. Previous year's programming objectives included advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA); countering disinformation; science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) training; and American culture. FY2021 programming spanned more than 240 virtual and in-person programs and events and attracted nearly 450,000 virtual and in-person attendees across the two Spaces.Please follow all instructions below.Program Objectives:For FY2023, American Spaces Morocco wish to continue to implement impactful programs focused on entrepreneurship and soft skills development, STEAM training, and environment and climate change awareness.Key Programming Descriptions:• Professional Development for Moroccan Youth: Promote professional and soft skills development, entrepreneurship and innovation through mentoring and training to promote positive community engagement and increase employability.• Science, Technology, Engineering, arts, and Math (STEAM) Programming: Create innovative STEAM programs to engage youth at Morocco's American Spaces while utilizing the existing MakerSpaces.• Environment and Climate Programming: Expand understanding of environmental and climate change challenges through engaging and hands-on programming.The primary target audience is young Moroccans, aged 18 – 30 and the principal method of engagement will be through in-person programming at the American Spaces. Virtual engagement may be a part of the overall strategy, augmenting in-person programming, when possible, and acting as the primary method of engagement, when necessary.Preference will be given to proposals that prioritize and maximize the needs of the audience while limiting overhead, equipment, and other expenses that do not directly support program participants.A successful proposal will develop a robust monthly calendar of activities spanning at least eight months and directly address at least one of the three key programming areas. Prospective grantees may plan programming activities at one or both American Spaces.Activities that could be funded include, but are not limited to:• Youth engagement, leadership, and educational programs• Workshops, seminars, trainings, and master classes on American themes or issues of mutual interest mentioned in the above goals of the program• Cultural programs that target youth and underserved communities• Programs to empower women and girls• Radio, television, and social media training and programming in support of the above program objectives• Programs that focus on climate crisis education, nature conservation, or clean energy innovationActivities that are not typically funded include, but are not limited to:• fees and travel costs to attend conferences in the United States• ongoing salary costs and office equipment• paying to complete activities begun with other funds• projects that are inherently political in nature or that contain the appearance of partisanship/support to individual or single party electoral campaigns.• social welfare projects• political party activities• projects that support specific religious activities• trade activities; fundraising campaigns; commercial projects; scientific research; construction projects; projects whose primary aim is the institutional development of the organization itselfParticipants and Audiences:Mission Morocco American Spaces' primary audiences are students and young professionals, ages 18 – 30 in the Casablanca and Oujda regions.B. FEDERAL AWARD INFORMATIONLength of performance period: Eight to twelve monthsNumber of awards anticipated: Up to four awards (dependent on amounts)Award amounts: Awards may range from a minimum of $15,000 to a maximum of $30,000.Total available funding: $85,000Type of Funding: American Spaces Support FundsAnticipated program start date: October 2023Required registrations: SAM.govThis notice is subject to availability of funding.Funding Instrument Type: Cooperative agreement or grant, depending on proposal.The Grants Officer or the Grants Officer Representative will authorize recipient to incur costs associated with the management of this grant once the exact dates and nature of the program have been confirmed. Mission Morocco's Public Affairs Section may choose to have a substantial involvement in the planning and implementation of the award and will:1. Approve the programming calendar2. Approve event dates and themes3. Assist in identifying speakers4. Approve the location of events5. Assist in identifying participants, as needed, and6. Provide assistance, as needed, throughout the lifecycle of the grant.Program Performance Period:Proposed programs should be completed in one year or less. The Department of State will entertain applications for continuation grants funded under these awards beyond the initial budget period on a non-competitive basis subject to availability of funds, satisfactory progress of the program, and a determination that continued funding would be in the best interest of the U.S. Department of State.C. ELIGILIBITY INFORMATION1. Eligible ApplicantsThe U.S. Mission encourages applications from Moroccan citizens and/or organizations, including:• Registered public or private non-profit organizations, such as think tanks and civil society/non-governmental organizations.• Public or private non-profit educational institutions• Public or private non-profit cultural institutions• IndividualsFor-profit or commercial entities are not eligible to apply.2. Cost Sharing or MatchingCost-share is not required; however, if provided, please detail whether the cost-share is through in-cash or in-kind contributions and the approximate dollar amount. Cost-share will not be included in the criteria for evaluation.3. Other Eligibility RequirementsTo be eligible to receive an award, all organizations must have a Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) number issued via as well as a valid registration on Please see Section D.3 for more information. Individuals are not required to have a UEI or be registered in Applicants are only allowed to submit one proposal per organization. If more than one proposal is submitted from an organization, all proposals from that institution will be considered ineligible for funding.D. APPLICATION AND SUBMISSION INFORMATIONSubmit all forms as PDFs in electronic format to no later than May 5, 2023, at midnight. All questions about this NOFO should be addressed to: Rabatgrants@state.govPlease follow all instructions below carefully. Proposals that do not meet the requirements of this announcement or fail to comply with the stated requirements will not be reviewed.1. Content of Application and Form of Application Submission• All documents are in English.• The proposal should be for no more than $30, 000 or range from a minimum of $15,000 to a maximum of $30, 000.• The project should not have an intended start date before October 2023.• All budgets are in U.S. dollars (please use $1 = 10 MAD as exchange rate)• All pages are numbered.• All documents are formatted to 8 ½ x 11 paper, and• All Microsoft Word documents are single-spaced, 12-point Calibri font, with a minimum of 1-inch margins.The following documents are required:• Mandatory application forms SF424 (Application for Federal Assistance for organizations)• SF424A (Budget Information for non-construction programs)• SF424B (Assurances for non-construction programs)• Proposal Narrative Template (in English)• Applicant Organization Information Form• Budget Proposal (in USD) (please use $1 = 10 MAD as exchange rate) with budget justification narrative for each line item.• CVs for Director and key project personnel• Final registration papers for the organization (وصل نها ئ )Cost sharing is not required and will not be evaluated during the Merit Review.Submit all forms as PDFs in electronic format to no later than May 5, 2023, at midnight. All questions about this NOFO should be addressed to: Rabatgrants@state.govPlease follow all instructions below carefully. Proposals that do not meet the requirements of this announcement or fail to comply with the stated requirements will not be reviewed.2. RegistrationsAll organizations applying for this grant should have the registration and a UEI number at the time of application. Both are free of charge. The DUNS number is no longer required for federal assistance applications.Step 1: Validate your organization.UEI application: Organizations must have a Unique Entity Identifier from If your organization has not yet been assigned a UEI number, you may obtain one by visiting: Follow instructions for validating your organization; see necessary documentation that must be submitted before your UEI number can be assigned. If you have had U.S. government funding before and had a DUNS number, you should have been assigned a UEI number. In this case just proceed with Step 2.Step 2: Register in receiving your UEI number, begin your registration in by logging onto: Your SAM registration must be renewed annually.If you encounter any error, please contact the SAM Federal Service Desk to report problem at There is a standard (not toll free) number that customers can use 334-206-7828.Note: The process of obtaining or renewing a registration may take anywhere from 4-8 weeks. Please begin your registration as early as possible.ExemptionsAn exemption from the UEI and registration requirements may be permitted on a case-by-case basis if:• An applicant's identity must be protected due to potential endangerment of their mission, their organization's status, their employees, or individuals being served by the applicant.• For an applicant, if the Federal awarding agency decides that there are exigent circumstances that prohibit the applicant from receiving a unique entity identifier and completing SAM registration prior to receiving a federal award. In these instances, Federal awarding agencies must require the recipient to obtain a unique entity identifier and complete SAM registration within 30 days of the Federal award date.Organizations requesting exemption from UEI or requirements must email the point of contact listed in the NOFO at least two weeks prior to the deadline in the NOFO providing a justification of their request. Approval for a exemption must come from the warranted Grants Officer before the application can be deemed eligible for review.E. APPLICATION REVIEW INFORMATIONSelection CriteriaEach application will be evaluated and rated based on the evaluation criteria outlined below.• Quality and Feasibility of the Program Idea: The program idea is well developed, with detail about how program activities will be carried out. The proposal includes a reasonable implementation timeline.• Organizational Capacity and Record Similar Projects: The organization has expertise in its stated field and has the internal controls in place to manage federal funds. This includes a financial management system and a bank account.• Program Planning/Ability to Achieve Objectives: Goals and objectives are clearly stated, and program approach is likely to provide maximum impact in achieving the proposed results.• Budget: The budget justification is detailed. Costs are reasonable in relation to the proposed activities and anticipated results. The budget is realistic, accounting for all necessary expenses to achieve proposed activities.• Monitoring and evaluation plan: Applicant demonstrates that they can measure program success against key indicators and provides milestones to indicate progress toward goals outlined in the proposal. The program includes output and outcome indicators and shows how and when those will be measured.• Sustainability: Program activities will continue to have positive impact after the end of the program.• Support of Equity and Underserved Communities: The U.S. Mission will look favorably on proposals that clearly demonstrate how the program will support and advance equity, and engage underserved communities in program administration, design, and implementation.Review and Selection ProcessA review committee will evaluate all eligible applications.Guidelines for Budget JustificationPersonnel and Fringe Benefits: Describe the wages, salaries, and benefits of temporary or permanent staff who will be working directly for the applicant on the program, and the percentage of their time that will be spent on the program.Travel: Estimate the costs of travel and per diem for this program, for program staff, consultants or speakers, and participants/beneficiaries. If the program involves international travel, include a brief statement of justification for that travel.Equipment: Describe any machinery, furniture, or other personal property that is required for the program, which has a useful life of more than one year (or a life longer than the duration of the program), and costs at least $5,000 per unit.Supplies: List and describe all the items and materials, including any computer devices, that are needed for the program. If an item costs more than $5,000 per unit, then put it in the budget under Equipment.Contractual: Describe goods and services that the applicant plans to acquire through a contract with a vendor. Also describe any sub-awards to non-profit partners that will help carry out the program activities.Other Direct Costs: Describe other costs directly associated with the program, which do not fit in the other categories. For example, shipping costs for materials and equipment or applicable taxes. All “Other” or “Miscellaneous” expenses must be itemized and explained.Indirect Costs: These are costs that cannot be linked directly to the program activities, such as overhead costs needed to help keep the organization operating. If your organization has a Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate (NICRA) and includes NICRA charges in the budget, attach a copy of your latest NICRA. Organizations that have never had a NICRA may request indirect costs of 10% of modified total direct costs as defined in 2 CFR 200.68.“Cost Sharing”: Contributions from the organization or other entities other than the U.S. Embassy. It also includes in-kind contributions such as volunteers' time and donated venues.Alcoholic Beverages: Please note that award funds cannot be used for alcoholic beverages.
Federal Grant Title: American Spaces Grant Funding 2023
Federal Agency Name: US Mission to Morocco (DOS-MAR)
Grant Categories: Other (see text field entitled "Explanation of Other Category of Funding Activity" for clarification)
Type of Opportunity: Discretionary
Funding Opportunity Number: PAS-MOROCCO-FY23-09
Type of Funding: Cooperative Agreement
CFDA Numbers: 19.441
CFDA Descriptions: Information not provided
Current Application Deadline: May 5th, 2023
Original Application Deadline: May 5th, 2023
Posted Date: March 21st, 2023
Creation Date: March 21st, 2023
Archive Date: June 4th, 2023
Total Program Funding: $85,000
Maximum Federal Grant Award: $30,000
Minimum Federal Grant Award: $15,000
Expected Number of Awards: 4
Cost Sharing or Matching: No
Last Updated: March 24th, 2023
Category Explanation
• Professional Development for Moroccan Youth • Science, Technology, Engineering, arts, and Math (STEAM) Programming • Environment and Climate Programming
Applicants Eligible for this Grant
Others (see text field entitled "Additional Information on Eligibility" for clarification.)
Additional Information on Eligibility
The U.S. Mission encourages applications from Moroccan citizens and/or organizations, including Registered public or private non-profit organizations, such as think tanks and civil society/non-governmental organizations, Public or private non-profit educational institutions, Public or private non-profit cultural institutions, and Individuals.
Link to Full Grant Announcement
U.S. Mission Morocco website
Grant Announcement Contact
U.S. Mission Morocco - Public Affairs Section
Contact & Submission email
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